Unscripted - The Film Show Podcast Episode 12

With Lewis away in Disney Land, Cecilia and Rachele pack their bags to take a trip of their own... to Tangent City but don't worry they talk all things film and TV-related including, a move to add a "Best Popular Film Category" to the Oscars. Rachele congratulates Luna Leederville on having won the Australian International Movie Convention's Best Metro Independent Cinema Award and gives us a rundown on all the special events being hosted at Luna. The team also talk Living Universe, a Netflix film called Calibre, Orange is the New Black, On Chesil Beach, and The Girl in the Spiders Web.

Unscripted - The Film Show Podcast Episode 04

Ada, Lewis and Cecilia take sneak peeks of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (including all the yummy snacks and amazing props at the preview hosted by Tegan and her amazing team) and Incredibles 2, which the crew will be talking about next week.  Lewis shares his take on Upgrade, Cecilia talks about the comedy, Tag and find out how many hamburgers Ada gave The Leisure Seeker.  It all wraps up with Disobedience.