Why are we podcasting about Disney?

Lewis and Katherine made the decision to tag on a visit to Disneyland Paris during their 2012 trip to the UK.....and, in short, it all just snowballed from there.

Lewis' geek-driven list of podcast subscriptions started to include a growing number of Disney-themed shows and he started to do more research and hit the hosts up for tips for our subsequent trips.  This resulted in our second trip to Disneyland Paris being a far-improved and more organised experience and gave us a great basis for planning our trips as we made our way around to each of the six Disneyland Resorts.

Of course, Disney has a lot more to offer than just theme parks.  We're living in some pretty amazing times.  Star Wars and Marvel are producing some amazing content for both cinema and television, while Disney is producing great cinemas, including some beautiful re-imaginings of their classics as live action movies, and both Disney and Pixar continue to develop animated features for kids both big and small to enjoy.  There's Disney runs for those energetic folk out there and rumour has it that we can take a break on the high seas on Disney's own cruise ships!

The Gentlemen of Pop Culture started in 2010 as a pop culture podcast with it's very own Facebook page, which boasted a whopping two posts (including promises a podcast that was never recorded).  Then it made like Sleeping Beauty, awaiting for a kiss to be revived.

Seven years later, during a trip to the Tokyo and Hong Kong podcasts, Katherine floated the idea of recording a podcast to capture the Disney experiences that she and Lewis were enjoying.  Then they came back from holidays, went back to work.....and three months later got this baby up and running!

Casting this pod from Perth, Western Australia (a mere 22 hours' travel from Disneyland in Anaheim), we offer our listeners a unique view of all that Disney has to offer, and we hope to unite and develop the Disney community here in Australia.

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